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“Nine Sense” by Pago on YouTube

Pago‘s debut album – “Nine Sense” is now available on YouTube.

With an original and fresh musical approach, Pago‘s genre can be described as darkish, evolutive, groovy, deep mental trance music.

This album will take us to the realms of inteligent progressive psy trance, in line to deliver a mental feast of sensations and induce the listener into a pleasent psychedelic journey through space and time.

Now is the moment for you to pop-in, it will make you raise an eyebrow and crack a grin! Stay tuned, and remember…it`s all about good music!

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Tracks Listing
01) Pago – Syntop (remix)
02) Pago – Lego
03) Pago – Dropping
04) Pago – Kick Bass
05) Pago – Straight Culture
06) Pago – Toxication
07) Pago – Nuclear Power Plant
08) Pago – Fauch Miau
09) Pago – Behind The End

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