Pago – Nine Sense


Release Date: 03/06/2016

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Album Description

Pago’s debut album – “Nine Sense” – is out!

With an original and fresh musical approach, Pago`s genre can be described as darkish, evolutive, groovy, deep mental trance music. Made of 9 unreleased tracks, this album will take us to the realms of inteligent progressive psy trance, in line to deliver a mental feast of sensations and induce the listener into a pleasent psychedelic journey through space and time. Now is the moment for you to pop-in, it will make you raise an eyebrow and crack a grin!

Written and produced by Paul Kulikowski – Germany –

01) Pago – Syntop (remix)
02) Pago – Lego
03) Pago – Dropping
04) Pago – Kick Bass
05) Pago – Straight Culture
06) Pago – Toxication
07) Pago – Nuclear Power Plant
08) Pago – Fauch Miau
09) Pago – Behind The End

Album Tracks